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An Overview of the Recruitment Process HR Assignment & Homework Help

An Overview of the Recruitment Process

An Overview of the Recruitment Process

An Overview of the Recruitment Process

labor force slows during the 1990 s: Third, HR departments must continue to meet the needs of their “customers,” operating managers who have jobs that  need to be filled. Fourth, competition for scarce human resources some time Ceausescu managers to hire qualifiable candidates who need more extensive thirst training and development.

The complexity of international recruitment compounds an already difficult recruitment environment. As more firms become international, attracting foreign managers to work for domestic firms and finding domestic workers to join foreign organizations complicate recruitment

“The hunt for the global manager is on. From Amsterdam to Yokohama, recruiters are looking for a new breed of multilingual, multifaceted executive who can map strategy for the whole world. The action is especially heavy in Europe. “6 Even in Japan, where lifetime employment has focused recruiters’. attention on hiring recent school graduates almost exclusively, recruiters are facing the need to attract candidates from other employers, especially as non-Japanese firms set up operations in Japan and begin looking for qualified, experienced talent.’ For example, “managers of Japan’s Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises developed a unique strategy for attracting qualified help, offering new hires a trip to Hawaii

It is against this backdrop of tightening labor markets, both domestic and international, that recruitment takes place. Even when unemployment numbers soar during recessions, lifted a Applicants can he to and retain. To understand the recruitment process one must examine the constraints, challenges, and c~els of recruitment t!tat result in prospective employees completing an application for employment.

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