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Audit of Managerial Compliance

How well do managers comply with HR policies arid procedures? If managers ignore policies or violate employee relations laws, the audit should uncover these errors so that corrective action can be started. Compliance with laws is especially important. When equal opportunity, safety, compensation, or labor laws are violated, the government holds the company responsible. Besides ensuring compliance, the audit can improve the department's image and contribution to the company. Operating managers may have more respect for the department when an audit team seeks their views. If the comments of managers are acted on, the department will be seen as being more responsive to their needs. And since it is a service department, these actions may improve.

its contribution to organizational objectiv . For example, consider what an audit team learned when it talked to managers of local claims offices. After several interviews with claims office managers, the audit team discovered a pattern to their comments. Most managers believed that the HR department filled job vacancies quickly. The major criticism was that the department did not train recruits before assigning them to a claims office. The day-to-day pressures in the claims office caused training to be superficial and led to many errors by the new adjusters. Most managers felt that the training should be done by the HR department at the regional office.

After reading the team's report, the regional HR manager felt confident that the selection process was satisfactory. To resolve the complaints about field training, she created a two-week program for claims adjusters with her next budget increase.

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