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(The Turnaround at Allied-Signal)

The Turnaround at Allied-Signal When Lawrence A. Bossily was appointed chief executive officer of Allied-Signal, he was told that the company faced a negative cash flow of more than $870 million over the next two years. Within a year and a half the company produced a $255 million positive cash flow. Bossidy cut the dividend, chopped capital spending, put…

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Review and Discussion Questions

Review and Discussion Questions Why should “the HR department be concerned about career planning, especially since employees’ plans may conflict with the organization’s objectives? What advantages does the department expect to receive from assisting in career planning? ‘ Explain the reasoning behind the following statement: HR departments I’ \ should not be involved with career planning since the company’s…

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A Systems View of Career Planning and Development

A Systems View of Career Planning and Development A Systems View of Career Planning and Development Terms for Review Career Life plan Exposure Networking Mentor Sponsor Key subordinates Career path Career planning Career development Job families Job progression ladder Career counseling


Summary Career planning and development are relatively new concepts in many HR departments. In recent years, these departments have begun. to recognize the need for more proactive career-related efforts. As a result, some departments provide career education, information, and counseling. However, the primary responsibility for career planning and development rests with the individual employee. . Gives an overview of…

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Feedback. Care should be exercised not to imply that these actions automatically mean a promotion. Instead, the individual’s candidacy for selection is influenced by appropriate career development actions. Feedback about job performance is perhaps the most important feedback an employee gets. As was stated earlier in this chapter,’ career success rests largely on performance. In the long run, there…

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Eleven South and Corp., parent company to the 7-Eleven convenience-store chain, has managers file reports twice a year about the profitability of their subordinates. Reports are consolidated on a computer to identify future shortages of talent. These deficits are then addressed through career development activities. Gulf & Western Industries tracks 125 high-potential executives, and John Deere & Company uses a…

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Management support

Management support The HR department’s efforts to encourage, career development have little impact unless they are supported by managers. Commitment by top management is crucial. With out It, middle-level managers may show much ress support of their subordinates’ careers. the commitment must go beyond my permission; top management must lead through example by “taking an active <interest-in the career plans of…

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The Dow Jones Job

The Dow Jones Job When a job opening occurs, the letters are reviewed. If suitable candidates are not on file, referrals are sought from the program coordinator. Although managers may recruit outside the firm, they are encouraged to review internal candidates first. The Druthers Program is supported by the department in several ways. Seminars give employees insight into career…

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Communique In accepting a job for a foreign employer. whether in the home country or overseas, many of these considerations yearly. Although work with a foreign company can be a developmental experience, ,.Communique issues may arise. for example, working for a foreign company in the home country helps one sidestep many legal and tax concerns. However, learning the employ…

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Accepting an Overseas Job

Accepting an Overseas Job Meaninglessness gaining international experience, especially global corporations. Unlike Europeans. who are frequently diction-NT cultures and languages, North Americans (particularly US. till’s” I,,III’n h,l\ l’ little contact with foreign nationals, foreign culture, and different Trumbull arc typically educated in more than just their native tongue; it is not uni common fur educated Europeans to…

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