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Technical and Professional Torkers

Technical and Professional Torkers Technical and professional workers, such as engineers, scientists, physical thee. rapists, IT systems experts, and ‘others, present a special challenge for organizations.”  Many of these individuals want to stay in their technical areas rather than enter management; yet advancement in many organizations frequently requires a move into management. Most of these people…

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Special Career Issues for Organizations and Employees·

Special Career Issues for Organizations and Employees Although the goals and perspectives in career planning may differ for organizations and employees. three issues can be problematic for both. perhaps for different reasons. Those are career plateaus (or the lack of opportunity to move up). with technical professionals who do not want to go into management, and dual-career couples. Career…

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How People Choose Careers

How People Choose Careers Four general individual characteristics affect how people make career choices: • Interests: People tend,to pursue careen that they believe match their interests. But over time, interests change for many people, and career decisions eventually are made based on special skills, abilities, and which career paths are realistic for them. • Self-image: A career is…

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