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Employee Safety Motivation and Incentives

‘Employee Safety Motivation and Incentives  To encourage employees to work safely, many organizations have used safety contests and have given employees incentives for safe work behavior. Jewelry, clocks. watches, and even vacation trips have been given as rewards’ for good safety records. Unfortunately, some evidence indicates that incentives tend to reinforce under reporting and “creative” classifying of accidents. This…

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Inspection, Accident Investigation, and Evaluation

Inspection, Accident Investigation, and Evaluation It is not necessary to wait for an OSHA inspector to inspect the work area for safety hazards. Inspections may be done by a safety committee or by a safety coordinator. They should be’done’on a regular basis, because OSHA may inspect organizations with above-average lost workday rates more frequently. When accidents occur, they should…

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Health Employee health problems are varied-and somewhat inevitable. They can range from minor illnesses such as colds to serious illnesses related to the jobs performed. Some employees have emotional health problems; others have alcohol or drug problems. Some problems are chronic; others are transitory. But all may affect organizational operations and individual employee productivity

Workplace Health Issues

Workplace Health Issues Employers face a v,arietyof workplace health issues. Previously in this chapter cumulative trauma injuries and exposure to hazardous chemicals have been discussed because OSHA bas addressed tHeseconcerns through regulations or standards. There are a number of concerns associated with employee substance abuse, workplace air quality and smoking. Substanc. Abus. Substance abuse is defined as the use…

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Emotional talent Health Concern

Emotional  talent Health Concerns Many individuals today are facing work, family. and personal life pressures. Although most people manage these pressures successfully. some individuals have difficulties handling the demands. Also, specific “events. such as death of a spouse. divorce. or medical problems. can affect individuals who otherwise have been coping successfully with life pressures. A variety of emotional/mental health issues…

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Workplace Air Quality

Workplace Air Quality An increasing number of employees work in settings where air quality is a health issue.30 Poor air quality may occur in “sealed” buildings where windows cannot be opened and when air flows are reduced to save energy and cut operating costs. Also. inadequate ventilation. as well as airborne contamination from carpets. molds. copy machines. adhesives, and…

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Smoking at Work

Smoking at Work Arguments and rebuttals characterize the smoking-at-work controversy, and statistics abound. A multitude of state and local laws deal with smoking in the workplace and public places. As a result of health studies, complaints by nonsmokers, and state laws, many employers have no-smoking policies throughout their workplaces. Although employees who smoke tend to complain .initially When a smoking…

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Health Promotion “

Health Promotion ” Employers concerned about maintaining a healthy workforce must move beyond simply providing healthy working conditions and begin promoting employee health and wellness in other ways. Health promotion is a supportive approach to facilitate and encourage employees to enhance healthy actions and lifestyles. Health promotion efforts can range from providing information and enhancing employee awareness of health issues…

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Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs Employers’ desires to improve productivity, decreased absenteeism, and control health-care costs have come together in the “wellness” movement WellneSs programs are designed to maintain or improve employee health before problems arise. WelLness programs encourage self-directed, lifestyle changes. Early wellness programs were aimed primarily at reducing the COSt and risk of disease. Newer programs emphasize healthy lifestyles and environment, including…

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Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Employee  Assistance Programs (EAPs) One method organizations use as a broad-based response to health issues is the employee assistance program (EAP), which provides counseling and other help to employees having emotional, physical, or other personal problems. In such a program, an employer contracts with a counseling agency. Employees who have problems may then contact the agency, either voluntarily or by…

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