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That is, they must embrace diversity and make it a source of competitive advantage not merely a part of the organization’s social responsibility. Organizations that value diversity will find a larger pool of potential applicants from which to hire new employees. And as workforce growth slows, the acceptance and integration of nontraditional employees will be essential to the recruitment plans of growing organizations. Diversity-particularly in managerial, professional, and sales positions-may even give North American firms a competitive edge in language and cultural sensitivity in international markets. HR specialists and other decision makers, however, must not assume that home-country values apply internationally. Long-standing tribal, caste, religious, or ethnic differences may not permit the same degree of workforce diversity in overseas operations. For example, in most developing countries, Mosley nations, and even advanced economies like Japan, diversity may be resisted through severe limitations placed on women, nonbelievers, or members of specific castes or tribes.” Likewise, }N’hen transferring foreign nationals to North American assignments, HR professionals must be sensitive to the potential cultural shock inherent in the diverse workforce of the United States and Canada. Many men from the Middle East and the orient, for example, have never been supervised by a woman. Consider the situation Karla Leave faces:

Posted on September 4, 2014 in Environmental Challenges

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