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Employee Advocate Role for HR

Traditionally, HR has been’ ed as the “employee ad ” in organizations. As the voice for employee concerns, professionals traditionally have been seen as “company  who do not understand business realities of the organizations an contribute measurably to the strategic success of the business. Some have even suggested “dismantling HR departments totally because under this role, they contribute little to the productivity and growth of organizations.

Despite this view, someone must be the for employees and . HR professionals spend considerable time on HR: crisis,management’ dealing with employee problems that are Work and notwork related Employee advocacy helps ensure fall’ and equitable. treatment for employees regardless of personal background or circumstances. Some entity inside the organization must monitor employee situations and respond to employee complaints air treatment or inappropriate actions. Otherwise, employers would face even more lawsuits and regulatory complaints than they done. As HR management changes, the need for HR to balance being the advocate  for employees and being a business contributor becomes more evident. What this balancing means is that it is vital for HR professionals to represent employee issues and concerns in the organization. However, simply being.an effective employee advocate is not sufficient Ideally, HR professionals should be strategic tutors, irrational Efficient, and cost-effective. #

HR. staff member of often them selves in an awkward spot in the organization when demands come both from executives and employees. However, it has been suggested that although HR executives are remarkably well-versed in R expertise, they may lack sufficient  knowledge of organizational products, services and major business issues. This limited knowledge may in some cases lead to HR managers advocating for employees against management In the end, successful HR is part of management, and without that partnership, the employee advocate has limited effects on management decisions.

Posted on September 8, 2014 in Changing Nature of Human Management

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