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‘Ethics and HR

As the issues faced in HR management increase in number and complexity, so’ do the pressures and challenges of acting ethically. Ethical issues pose questions about fairness, justice, truthfulness, and social responsibility. Concerns arise about the ethical standards used by managers and employees, particularly those in business organizations.” But it appears that the concerns are well-founded. Some of the most frequent problems are cheating on expense accounts, paying or accepting bribes and kickbacks, forging signatures, and lying about sick leave.

Responding to Ethical Situations

To respond to situations with ethical elements, there are some guidelines to con- ~ider. Just complying with the laws d~s not guarantee ethical behavior. Laws and regulations cannot cover every situation HR professionals and employees will face. Instead, people must be guided by values and personal behavior “codes,” including the following

  • Does. the behavior or result meet all applicable laws. regulations. and government codes?
  • Does the behavior or result achieved meet all organizational standards of ethical behavior?
  • Does the behavior or result achieved.meet professional standards of ethical behavior?

Posted on September 8, 2014 in Changing Nature of Human Management

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