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 HR Activities

HR management is composed of several groups of interlinked activities taking place within the context of he organization. represented by the inner rings. Additionally. all managers with HR responsibilities must consider external environmental forces-legal, political. economic. social. cultural. and technological-when addressing these activities. A brief overview of the seven HR activities follows

  • HR Planning and Analysis
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Staffing
  • HR Development
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Health. Safety. and Security”
  • Employee and Labor Management Relations

HR Planning and Analysis

Through HR planning, managers attempt to anticipate forces that will influence the future supply of and demand for employees. Having adequate human “resource information systems (HR IS) to provide accurate and timely information for HR planning is crucial. The importance of human resources in organizational competitiveness must be addressed as well. As part of maintaining organizational competitiveness. analysis and assessment of HR effectiveness must over, Employees also must be appropriately motivated and be willing to stay the organization for a reasonable time. These topics are examined.

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