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HR Management Competencies and Careers

AsHR management becomes more and more complex, greater demands are placed on individuals who make the HR field their career specialty. Although most readers of this book will not become HR managers, it is useful to know about the competencies required for effective HR management A wide variety of jobs can be performed in HR departments. As a firm ‘ grows large enough to need someone to focus primarily on Hk activities, the role of the HR generalist emerges-that is, a person who has responsibility for performing a variety of HR activities. Further growth leads to adding HR specialists who have in-depth knowledge and expertise in a limited area. Intensive knowledge of an activity such as benefits, testing, training, or affirmative action compliance typifies the work of HR specialists. Changes in the HR field are leading to changes in the competencies and capabilities of individuals concentrating on HR management The development of broader competencies by HR professionals will ensure that HR management’ plays a strategic role in organizations. The following sets of capabilities are important for H:Ii professionals

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