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Human resource is an academic discipline that has many other sub disciplines. It is a broad discipline that is based on many other concepts. According to an organization’s perspective, human resource is a discipline that deals with the workforce of an organization. The simple definition of the human resource management is to manage the workforce of the organization.

Human resource management is defined as the process through which one can attract, conserve and remunerate the people of the organization. The size of the workforce of an organization is dependent upon the size of the organization. The teams that are assigned to manage the workforce of an organization are responsible for an employee who has recently become a part of the organization. Human resource is an essential part of an organization. It can help the organization in order to achieve their goals, objectives that will increase the productivity of an organization.

In the academic world, writing a thesis on a particular topic is an essential task for a student. If the student cannot write a thesis for any course or at the completion of the degree, one will not be awarded by the degree or any certification. Professors require a thesis from the students in order to examine their knowledge regarding their course of field. When a student is going to write a thesis, it requires a lot of time and an organized plan that can help him in writing of a thesis.

In the past few years, human resource management is generally used for the management of the workforce, however, nowadays the characteristics of human resource management are changed a lot. Currently, human resource management is used to strengthen the manpower by assigning them transactional roles that include supervision and organization of a group that can help the organization in order to acquire it goals and objectives. According to several studies, transactional roles have a positive impact on the organization.

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