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Human Resource Research

The final tool available to HR departments and audit teams is the research experiment, particularly the field experiment, which compares an experimental group with a control group under realistic conditions. Experimentation is used to research absenteeism, turnover, job satisfaction, compensation, safety, and other activities. For example, the department may implement a safety training program for half the supervisors. This half is the experimental group; the control group contains the supervisors who are not given training. The sub went records of both groups are compared several months after the program has been completed. If the experimental group has a significantly lower accident rate, there is evidence that the safety training program was Elective. Then a cost-benefit analyis can b conducted by comparing the costs of the tr ining with the benefits to the company to deptermine if that ining i co t- ff tive. Experim ntation doe have drawbacks. Many managers reluctant to xp rim nt with work r beau of m rale p blem and pot nti I di Iti faction among tho who w re not listed. Employ involved in the xp rim nt I group may feel manipulated.

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