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Inducements may be a constraint, as ofJ!!when other employers use them, or they may be a response to other limitations faced by the recruiter, Some examples follow:

  • Fast-food chains usually have a high turnover, To induce recruits and retain present employees longer, Burger King introduced an educational assistance program that allows employees to accrue up to $2000 worth of tuition credits over two years. Turnover among participants is 22 percent versus 97 percent for nonparticipants.”
  • American Bankers Insurance Group uses on-premises day care to attract and retain working mothers.
  • State Mutual Life Assurance Company of America offers employees and their children a training program to help families adjust to having a mother work outside the horne.”
  • As with Burger King: the Ll.S, military services offer tuition assistance.
  • Reenlistment training options are another inducement.Northrup’s Defense Systems Division used an emotional appeal by compiling
    a pamphlet that highlights the advantages of living in the Chicago area and directing it to those who once lived there. The brochure was designed around the theme “Northrup DSD has one groat.reason to come Horne.

Despite the creative approaches taken by Burger King, American Bankers, and others, the basics still apply. For example, one study found that among college seniors the most sought-after benefits are health .1I1d life insurance.” Common sense suggests that employers will have to become more proactive, as the John Hancock example earlier in the chapter discussed. Recruiters also will held by local citizens, minimizes charges of economic exploitation. Unlike relocated employees, foreign nationals are apt to be involved in the local community and understand local customs and business practices. For example, recruiters for western firms in Japan find it difficult to attract Japanese managers because “most are unwilling to give up the stability and job security they receive in Japan. Most large Japanese companies, after all, offer cradle-to-grave employment.’:” Similarly, many western men and women are reluctant to move to Saudi Arabia because of the societal restraints placed on women there; these restraints often prevent women from working or enjoying a western lifestyle

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