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Inputs and Challenges to Selection HR Assignment & Homework Help

Inputs and Challenges to Selection

The selection process relies on three helpful inputs, as Figure 8-1 shows. ob analysis information, discussed in Chapter 5, yie s the escription of the jobs, the human specifications, and the performance standards each job requires. HR plans, explained in Chapter 6, identify likely job openings and allow selection to proceed in a logical and proactive manner. Chapter 7 described how recruits form a pool of applicants form which employees are selected. Other challenges to the selection process limit the actions of HR specialists and line managers. As Chapter 4 outlined, laws against discrimination reinforce extemalprohibitions, and the international challenges discussed in Chapter 3 complicate
nearly every HR activity, At the same time, workforce diversity and o ther internalchallenges further complicate, and thus slow, the HR department’s selection  activities. ,

Although computerized applicant tracking within the HR information sysapplicant tern can speed up the department’s processing,’ line managers may see days

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