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Intel Corporation

The Intel Corporation is a multi-billion-dollar company that produces sophisticated microelectronics for the computer, communications, automotive, and other ndustries. Most IBM-compatible computers rely on "Intel Inside" chips, for example. This fast-growing profitable company is responsible for some of the significant breakthroughs in computer-ona- chip technology. Along the way, however, Intel has encouraged innovation by giving employees rewards and security through its benefits program.

Some of its fringe benefits include group life insurance, supplemental life insurance, business travel accident insurance, dependent life.

Cutting health-tare The trade-off faced by benefit administrators is to meet the basic health-care costs needs of employees in ways that minimize the cost to the employer. Some of the more innovative efforts include requirements for second opinions in non emergency surgery, more extensive outpatient surgery, read mission testing to reduce' the time spent as a hospital inpatient, and a greater analysis of medical claims costs. Through analysis of claims costs, employers .try to identify the most cost-effective doctors and hospitals in the area.

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