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Knowledge of Business and Organization

HR professionals must have knowledge of the organization and its strategies if they are to contribute strategically. This knowledge also means that they must have understanding of the financial, technological, and other facets of the industry and the organization. As illustration, in some organizations the top iIR executive jobs are being filled by individuals’ who have been successful operations , managers, but have never worked in HR. The thinking behind such a move is ~at good strategic business managers can rely on the HR specialists reporting to them. while bringing a performance-oriented, strategic view of HR.management to the top of the organization. In other organizations, top HR managers have come up through HR specialties. and have demonstrated that they understand broader business and strategic realities, not just HR management functional issues.

Influence and Change Management

Another key capability that HR professionals need is to be able to influence others and to guide changes in organizations. Given the many HR-related changes affecting today’s organizations, HR professionals must be able to influence others.

Posted on September 8, 2014 in Changing Nature of Human Management

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