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Learning Principles

Ideally, training and development are more effective when the training methods match the learning styles of the participants and the types of jobs needed by the organization. Unfortunately, learning cannot be observed; only its results can be measured. From studies of learning, however, researchers have sketched a broad picture of the learning process and have developed some tentative learning principles. Perhaps the best way to interpenetrating is through the use of the learning curve shown in Figure 10-4.As the curve indicates, learning takes place in bursts (from points A to B) an~ ~ plateaus (from points B to C). Trainers have two goals related to the shape of each employee’s learning f’ curve. First, they want the learning curve to reach a satisfactory level of performance, shown as a dashed line in the figure. Second, they want the learning curve to get to the satisfactory level as quickly as possible. Although the rate at which people learn depends on the individual, learning principles help speed up the learning process.

Posted on September 8, 2014 in Training and Development

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