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Operational Role for HR 

Typically the operational role professionals to iden’ and’ ent needed pro and  the organization operation with operating managers. This role on y me udes many of the HR activities mentioned earlier in the chapter. HR implements plans suggested by or  developed in conjunction with other managers, as well as those identified by HR professionals.Even though priorities may change as labor markets·and the economy change, in the operational role, HR managers devote time to a variety of basic HR concerns. Based on a survey of HR professionals, Figure 1-6 shows how HR’s time typically is spent The operational HR role emphasizes support for the organization through adept handling of HR problems and issues. However, HR may not be heavily involved in strategic decision making in the organization. Operational activities are tactical in nature. Compliance with equal employment opportunity and. other laws are ensured, employment applications are processed, current openings are filled through interviews, supervisors are trained, safety problems are resolved, and wages and salaries are administered. Thus, various efforts performed typically are’ associated with coordinating.

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