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Some CEO are attempting to reshape the mandate of the human resource function according to their companies' future business needs. As a result of these forces, the HR function has grown dramatically more important and is likely to continue to gain in importance the future. For modern HR departments to make a strategic contribution and meet other objectives, their efforts must respect the importance and dignity of human beings; this was called the "human resource approach At the same time, specialists must not lose sight of the systems approach, which subordinates the departmental subsystem to the larger system of the organization.

The organization's success, not the HR department's, is the first priority. Achieving success requires service to managers and employees through a proactive approach. The department does not usurp each manager's HR responsibilities. Instead, a professional management approach assumes a dual responsibility between the worker's immediate supervisor and the HR department,with the department playing a major and proactive role in the areas outlined  in Figure 19-1.

" Nevertheless, errors happen. Policies and practices become outdated. By auditing itself as a first step toward continuous improvement, the HR department finds and corrects problems before they become serious.' When done correctly, the evaluation process can build rapport between the HR department and operating managers. Also, it can reveal outdated assumptions that can be changed to meet the organization's objectives and future challenges. Of course, any self-audit assumes that department members are objective when they evaluate their performance and line management's compliance.

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