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PRETESTI POSTTEST SCORES HR Assignment & Homework Help


  • Determine if orientation or training programs improve test scores or job performance.
  • How well do test scores relate to job performance?


  • What percentage of jobs are filled internally?
  • How well do internally promoted candidates perform?
  • Do replacement charts /summaries indicate sufficient promotable talent?


  • Is the performance of recruits better according to the source from which they were recruited?
  • Are recruitment and selection costs comparable with those of othfr firms?


  • Are employee files in order, properly completed?
  • Do records contain accurate information for making employee decisions?
  • is this employee making reasonable career progress?
  • Is this employee a source of discipline or interpersonal problems?


  • Are special programs achieving the desired results?
  • Is the firm in compliance with COBRA for medical coverage of former employees and dependents?
  • Is the firm in compliance with citizenship requirements under immigration reform?

process (discussed inChapter 17) or through the union-management grievance procedure (discussed in Chapter 18). Patterns may emerge by job classification, supervisor, union representative, age group, or contract provision. If patterns are detected, HR specialists seek the causes of grievances. And if union officials participate in finding such patterns, they may support management's suggested changes, which usually involve training or the rewording of the union-' management agreement.

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